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Acorn Collective / OAK

Let's make crowdfunding free

About Acorn Collective ICO

We’re helping fulfil crowdfunding’s promise of being a democratic, accessible way for small businesses to get funding. Current platforms are equity-backed, so they focus on projects that give them the best return – with high barriers to entry and often policies that all but shut out developing countries.

We want to crowdfund crowdfunding.

Our early backers are token holders, not equity holders, so they want an expansive platform that values a community project in Kenya as much as it does a tech project in California.

The Acorn platform will be completely free to use in any country and for any legal purpose.

With crowdfunding overtaking VC’s as the most popular way to get funded, and with a growing appetite for entrepreneurship in developing economies, there is a huge and proven market.

Our team includes the ex-CTO of crowdcube, the worlds largest equity crowdfunding platform, along with Ian Scarffe, Desmond Marshall and an experienced commercial team. We’ll partner with successful accelerators globally to make free reward crowdfunding a reality. Please refer to the website for more the technical whitepaper.

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