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BitherCash / BEC

Pure Lending

About BitherCash ICO

To attain Satoshi’s original vision, Bitcoin requires an important mass of users – yet, in spite of the substantial traction gotten by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is evident that there still is a high level of complexity which makes it difficult for users and companies to quickly explore and integrate making use of crypto innovation. The general sentiment is that Bitcoin and other Altcoins are insecure, and susceptible to risk – making their use and acceptance as an approach to payment in daily life unattractive. Though numerous brand-new blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have actually emerged over the previous few years, none has yet accomplished the development success needed for mainstream adoption -primarily due to unfavorable promotion, bubble speculations, rip-offs, and complex user-interfaces.

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Founder @ - Coming Soon

With 8.5 Million pre mine, how can we call it a decentralised currency.??