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Blockchain IoT Network / DIS

World’s First Blockless DAG IoT Network

About Blockchain IoT Network ICO

DiscoveryIoT is a Blockchain IoT Network, Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Ubiquitous Computing and Backscatter Communication. A game changer to disrupt 60 Trillion dollar IoT industry. DiscoveryIoT is a integrated IoT ecosystem, that enables Enterprise to build IoT Dapps with Inbuilt Data connectivity, processing complex computational task using Edge computing and Artificial Intelligence security. Discovery Blockchain IoT Network is a new breed of IoT ecosystem which will solve IoT device communication, Data processing and cloud server issues in the existing IoT industry. DiscoveryIoT will be the future of Smart World.

Comments (1)

Bulat Byzov

This project has all points covered. CLearly defined vision. Big and strong team, and a well planned roadmap.