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About SafeCrypt ICO is a cryptoexchange platform which is fail-safe by design. We expect to capture up to 9.6% of the cryptoexchange market share which already shows more than $500bln capitalization. The platform is being based on the most secure model so far — does not oblige you to store your assets within the platform in order to perform crypto-trading operations which prevents any chance for the traders to lose their crypto assets. A total of 850 000 BTC disappeared along with mt.Gox, more than $400 mln with Coincheck. We are designing a fail-safe platform to prevent such disasters from reoccurring and stabilize the crypto-market. The main premise of is to provide a zero-risk full-spectrum crypto-trading functionality and complete anonymity for the traders.

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The element of zero risk trading is crucial to trading world, especially when dealing with cryptocurrencies. I’m interested,

Sevak Podozyorov

1/15000 ETH for token pricing seems a bit too high. Also it is Latvia based which is infamous for fraudulent projects in the past